Sunday, 27 November 2011

Christmas is not even month away..Have u all soaked the Dryfruits??

Hi everyone, I have finally soaked my dry fruits in rum today. It is still not late. Do it in this week.  Christmas is just a month away.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Barbie Cakes for My daughters Birthday

These cakes were made for my daughters Shriya and Sanya's 4th birthday. It was orange flavored cake with chocolate ganache in between.  There was big fight among the kids for the color selection. Finally my dear hubby Prasad helped them for color selection, which helped me too. Finally his choice of colors was perfect and everyone admired the taste and the look.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Fruits and Vegitable Carving

Hello everyone,
I have finally decided to write a blog for cook and bake with Deepali. Hope I improve my writing skills soon.

We had very interesting Vegetable and Fruits Carving workshop on 20th Nov at Cook and Bake with Deepali. Chef from Hyderabad had come to present this workshop. He taught us very nice and simple carvings with tomatoes, cucumber, radish, carrot and beetroots. Lillis out of radish and carrot was big hit among the students. Carrot and cumber leafs was another unbelievable carvings. When chef was making it we found it was easy, but when we actually started working we knew. After putting some efforts by the end of the workshop we all were master in this. He has also taught us professional technique to chop vegetables, make juliennes, shred cabbage, make batons of potatoes, Cubes of capsicums etc.

After this session I myself also started paying more attention to my vegetable chopping and food presentation. One of the student from same workshop said earlier whenever she used to give salads to her kids in tiffin it was always left as it is. But now she gives tomato flowers, carrot leaves, decorative salads in lunchbox and salads goes into little ones tummy in few minutes. She was very happy.

I am looking forward to present more workshops not only carving but something like advance cake decoration soon.

Thanks to all the participants and chef  for making this workshop so enjoyable and successful.