Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Made 30kg plum cake at Wellknown jwellers office Bangalore in One day.

Another achievement this week. It was last minute opportunity which just came on Thursday 22nd Dec. I got a call on Thursday afternoon asking for guidance to making 30 kg cakes for the staff of 200people approximately. HR head was very excited with the concept of distributing cakes made by their own staff member instead of buying from market.

They had only a day to gather all the equipment and material. I was still in confusion without industrial oven and mixer how to make it possible. Two days before I had made 11 kg chocolate marble cakes for Christmas distribution in my kids school with the help of one hand mixer and two 32 liters oven. I had spent 1/2 day may be more for baking the same. Making 30 kg cake in one day without this equipment seems to be impossible. It was 6 PM Thursday evening we finally decided to do it. I gave the entire list to them for the material and equipment in the night. I was also going to carry some from class.

It was on Friday 23rd we need to complete this task. They have arranged one canteen kitchen to do this activity. There were 10-12 volunteers helping out to make this activity successful. When I reached there I found one cooking range, one 20litre otg, one convection microwave and two hand mixers available. Due to Christmas they could not arrange big oven and also mixers. I was little confused and also started feeling the pressure, in one day with this equipment we have to make 30kg plum cake. We had lots of helping hand but we were very short of baking oven.

Anything can be possible if you believe in yourself. All the staff was also so enthusiastic to carry on this activity. We started baking with the equipment in hand. By 6PM we baked 20kg cakes, still short of 10 kg.  Last 10 kg cake we made batter in the kitchen and took a help of another bakery nearby to bake it for us.  We baked 6 kg cakes on gas in big containers. By 9PM night all the cakes were ready.

It was wonderful experience and it makes the phrase very much true “Anything can be possible if you believe in yourself". Thank you to all the staff to make this event so memorable.
Later HR head had called and said all the staff members were touched by such a wonderful gift on Christmas.


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