Monday, 5 December 2011

It is Hubby dear's Birthday today!!!

Today is very special day. It is Hubby dear Prasad's Birthday. Usually I do lots of planning about his gift and menu for lunch or dinner few weeks or days prior to birthday. So here I am again in confusion what to cook for  him today. I know I have become so much cook- holic that just can’t think much beyond cooking to impress anyone. Sometimes I do feel I really don’t have much to say apart from cooking and my classes.  Since none of the family members where interested in Cream cake so decided to try something different in the cakes. My first attempt to make molten lava cake failed as I have over baked it. Going to try again today. 

Sanya  Shriya my twins daughters were wondering why there is no cake for Baba's Birthday. So baked coconut cake with coconut cream frosting on it. The cake came out very well. When Prasad cut the cake with kids it was very much crumbly. But then he loved it like that and I was happy. There was very rich aroma of coconut coming from the cake. We both remembered coconut cake which we used to love back in UK( I do not remember the brand though)
Chole Tikki was another menu today and when he had first byte of it the reaction was why don't you start chat classes this is so tasty people will surely love it. Now I remember whenever  I used to work on any new class I was so much relied on Prasad's taste buds. It never failed me in the class. So ladies wait for the chat class comming up soon..
** I know I need to improve my photography skill. 

Hear is the recipe for my students. You have to follow same base as fruit cake. Reduce one egg and add coconut milk. Dessicated coconut in variation. Same variation can be done on egg less cake base also. I am sure it will go well. I myself still have to try on egg less. So enjoy and keep baking ..

Coconut Cake Recipe

Flour: 115 gms
Butter:  70 gms
Sugar: 115 gms
Egg: 2nos
Coconut Milk: 70ML
Vanilla essence: 1 tsp
Baking powder: 1 tsp
Dessicated coconut : 80 gms


  1. Amazing Deepali...u have magic in your fingertips :-) love your cooking. continue experimenting and helping us too...hehhe

  2. Amazing and many many happy returns to your Husband :)

  3. Hey Deepaki, thanks for bailing me out of cake crisis.... hehe... the cheese cake came out very well...
    Rashmi Khatri

  4. Thank you everyone. Give a try to coconut cake it is very yummy.. I am thinking of making one in saturday's teacake class.

  5. Hey Deepali,
    Try this one it came out well for me
    Dark chocolate 115g
    Egg 2
    Butter 115g
    Sugar 75g
    Maida 40g
    Bake it only for7-8mins


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