Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Made 30kg plum cake at Wellknown jwellers office Bangalore in One day.

Another achievement this week. It was last minute opportunity which just came on Thursday 22nd Dec. I got a call on Thursday afternoon asking for guidance to making 30 kg cakes for the staff of 200people approximately. HR head was very excited with the concept of distributing cakes made by their own staff member instead of buying from market.

They had only a day to gather all the equipment and material. I was still in confusion without industrial oven and mixer how to make it possible. Two days before I had made 11 kg chocolate marble cakes for Christmas distribution in my kids school with the help of one hand mixer and two 32 liters oven. I had spent 1/2 day may be more for baking the same. Making 30 kg cake in one day without this equipment seems to be impossible. It was 6 PM Thursday evening we finally decided to do it. I gave the entire list to them for the material and equipment in the night. I was also going to carry some from class.

It was on Friday 23rd we need to complete this task. They have arranged one canteen kitchen to do this activity. There were 10-12 volunteers helping out to make this activity successful. When I reached there I found one cooking range, one 20litre otg, one convection microwave and two hand mixers available. Due to Christmas they could not arrange big oven and also mixers. I was little confused and also started feeling the pressure, in one day with this equipment we have to make 30kg plum cake. We had lots of helping hand but we were very short of baking oven.

Anything can be possible if you believe in yourself. All the staff was also so enthusiastic to carry on this activity. We started baking with the equipment in hand. By 6PM we baked 20kg cakes, still short of 10 kg.  Last 10 kg cake we made batter in the kitchen and took a help of another bakery nearby to bake it for us.  We baked 6 kg cakes on gas in big containers. By 9PM night all the cakes were ready.

It was wonderful experience and it makes the phrase very much true “Anything can be possible if you believe in yourself". Thank you to all the staff to make this event so memorable.
Later HR head had called and said all the staff members were touched by such a wonderful gift on Christmas.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Another Celebration time. December Month always keeps me busy...

I think I am getting addicted to this blogging thing .It is something like writing a diary. Usually diaries are not to be shared in public, then what is this? God knows. Anyway for me it is something very interesting and exciting. Almost every day I keep thinking of writing something.  May be another hidden hobby I have never looked into.

Tomorrow is our 10th anniversary. I am very much excited.  I know you all must be expecting another experiment in the kitchen and some new cakes pictures. But tomorrow my kitchen is closed for whole day. We are planning to take kids for pony riding and later plan hubby dear has still not announced.  There is a horse riding school in Bangalore called embassy horse riding. I myself have never been there. I will share the experience later.

Life is not always the way you expect it has to be. So many things like tragedies, happy movements, excitements, struggles pass by and you keep going. But there are also things which never changes. It is love for your Husband, your kid and your mother. I think I am sounding bit emotional here, but this is what I have realised over the years. Over the period of time we take each other for granted. Our love will be so blind that we just start imaging things the way we want it . All the lovely memories of time spend and enjoyed together will be lost and taken over by other responsibilities. ( I know all of you have gone through it, kids and family responsibilities) You may not even realise what you are missing.

Ok enough of emotion; I know hubby dear is going to be the first person to say kya paka rahi hai!!
I have decided this year on our anniversary and now on, I am going to revised all the happy, precious memories we have shared together and will never allow it to vanish and take over by other responsibility and work.

I will upload the photos of embassy horse riding school soon.

 Ooh!!! I forgot to publish this blog earlier. I thought I have published it.

We all have enjoyed our outing at embassy riding school Bangalore. We hired a pony for Sanya Shriya. Sanya's pony name was Muffin and Shriya's pony name was Napoleon. Shriya was struggling to remember her pony name. Kids were riding on their pony for almost an hour. Both were very happy to ride on real horse than the one in oasis mall PlayStation.
Good option for Bangalore people to make kids aware about horse riding and to develop interest in them.  It was so fascinating and we both were just adoring the pictures of kids with riding pants, paddock boots, half chaps, riding gloves and a well-fitting helmet.

Let’s hope Shriya Sanya also shows any interest in horse riding. It was lovely day break and I was happy that Prasad has suggested this place for anniversary celebration. It was perfect.

Bye for now..

Friday, 9 December 2011

Can't wait till Christmas to take bite of Plum Cake

Hello again,

It was 27th Nov when I soaked dry fruits in the Rum. I know I need to wait for at least 15 days to get the perfect plum cake but not able to stop the urge to make one as I was watching dry fruits absorbing rum every day in the fridge. Finally I could not resist and decided to bake one in tomorrow’s class if everyone is fine with rum. Ooh no I didn't have patience till tomorrow also so baked it today. Here it is... a freshly baked from my oven. It is perfect in color, texture and taste. The dry fruits were little crunchy, but not noticeable, I think little more rum needs to be added to soak dry fruits.

Sorry to my earlier teacake class students that I have not done the same in their class but you all welcome to taste a bite tomorrow. The recipe which I have shared in the class is the same. Following are the ingredients I have added extra .
  • 1 tsp of mix spices instead of ½ tsp
  • ¼ cup fresh orange juice
  • 1/2 tsp lime juice
  • one full lemon zest and 1 tsp orange zest   

This was tip by shimmy’s mom from my apartment. She had also asked to add 1 tbsp pineapple jam which I did not have today.  

So don’t wait anymore. This is a perfect treat for the Christmas coming up. Happy Baking!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 5 December 2011

It is Hubby dear's Birthday today!!!

Today is very special day. It is Hubby dear Prasad's Birthday. Usually I do lots of planning about his gift and menu for lunch or dinner few weeks or days prior to birthday. So here I am again in confusion what to cook for  him today. I know I have become so much cook- holic that just can’t think much beyond cooking to impress anyone. Sometimes I do feel I really don’t have much to say apart from cooking and my classes.  Since none of the family members where interested in Cream cake so decided to try something different in the cakes. My first attempt to make molten lava cake failed as I have over baked it. Going to try again today. 

Sanya  Shriya my twins daughters were wondering why there is no cake for Baba's Birthday. So baked coconut cake with coconut cream frosting on it. The cake came out very well. When Prasad cut the cake with kids it was very much crumbly. But then he loved it like that and I was happy. There was very rich aroma of coconut coming from the cake. We both remembered coconut cake which we used to love back in UK( I do not remember the brand though)
Chole Tikki was another menu today and when he had first byte of it the reaction was why don't you start chat classes this is so tasty people will surely love it. Now I remember whenever  I used to work on any new class I was so much relied on Prasad's taste buds. It never failed me in the class. So ladies wait for the chat class comming up soon..
** I know I need to improve my photography skill. 

Hear is the recipe for my students. You have to follow same base as fruit cake. Reduce one egg and add coconut milk. Dessicated coconut in variation. Same variation can be done on egg less cake base also. I am sure it will go well. I myself still have to try on egg less. So enjoy and keep baking ..

Coconut Cake Recipe

Flour: 115 gms
Butter:  70 gms
Sugar: 115 gms
Egg: 2nos
Coconut Milk: 70ML
Vanilla essence: 1 tsp
Baking powder: 1 tsp
Dessicated coconut : 80 gms

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Christmas is not even month away..Have u all soaked the Dryfruits??

Hi everyone, I have finally soaked my dry fruits in rum today. It is still not late. Do it in this week.  Christmas is just a month away.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Barbie Cakes for My daughters Birthday

These cakes were made for my daughters Shriya and Sanya's 4th birthday. It was orange flavored cake with chocolate ganache in between.  There was big fight among the kids for the color selection. Finally my dear hubby Prasad helped them for color selection, which helped me too. Finally his choice of colors was perfect and everyone admired the taste and the look.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Fruits and Vegitable Carving

Hello everyone,
I have finally decided to write a blog for cook and bake with Deepali. Hope I improve my writing skills soon.

We had very interesting Vegetable and Fruits Carving workshop on 20th Nov at Cook and Bake with Deepali. Chef from Hyderabad had come to present this workshop. He taught us very nice and simple carvings with tomatoes, cucumber, radish, carrot and beetroots. Lillis out of radish and carrot was big hit among the students. Carrot and cumber leafs was another unbelievable carvings. When chef was making it we found it was easy, but when we actually started working we knew. After putting some efforts by the end of the workshop we all were master in this. He has also taught us professional technique to chop vegetables, make juliennes, shred cabbage, make batons of potatoes, Cubes of capsicums etc.

After this session I myself also started paying more attention to my vegetable chopping and food presentation. One of the student from same workshop said earlier whenever she used to give salads to her kids in tiffin it was always left as it is. But now she gives tomato flowers, carrot leaves, decorative salads in lunchbox and salads goes into little ones tummy in few minutes. She was very happy.

I am looking forward to present more workshops not only carving but something like advance cake decoration soon.

Thanks to all the participants and chef  for making this workshop so enjoyable and successful.