Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Have you soaked your dry fruits for Plum Cake this Christmas ? No !! Then it is still not late, Do it now..

Hi Friends
This time no excuse for not baking plum cake at home. Consider this post as reminder call to soak the dry fruits in Rum now.. I know I am also a month late to do so but it is fine we still have two months for the fruits to get absorbed in rum.
Here comes the step by step instructions.
All the dry fruits mention below needs to be chopped same size as tutti fruity.

  1. Cashew Nuts : 1 1/2 cups
  2. Orange peels : 1  1/2  cups
  3. Tutti fruity : 1 cup
  4. Walnut : 1/2 cup
  5. Black dates : 1 cup
  6. Glazed cherries: 1/2 cup
  7. Almonds : 1/2 cup
  8. Golden raisin : 1 cup
  9. Black raisin :1 cup

Place all the chopped fruits in bowl and add enough rum to cover all the dry fruits and let the rum level be around 2 inch above the dry fruits. Stir this mixture for the rum to reach at the bottom. Transfer this mixture in glass jar. I have store this mixture in steel box last year. You will need around two liter bottle to store this fruits. With this amount you can make approximately 6-8 kg of plum cake.

Many recipes calls for adding mix spice powder, caramel and orange zest along with all dry fruits but this is my way of making plum cake. I do not add anything apart from rum in dry fruits. You can leave the jar out or in the fridge. I keep it  out for year or more than that. It does not get spoiled. The  longer you soak the dry fruit tasty your cake will be.

Don't forget to finish this preparation before the Christmas special class of this year (around 1st week of December 2013) where we will be using them.

Happy Baking !!!!

**Note: I will be posting more photos tomorrow as I was short of rum today :(

Monday, 20 May 2013

Indian Cooking Workshop with Foreigners at Cook and Bake with Deepali

Dear friends 

You must be thinking why they've been no updates from me for so many months. Lots of things were happening and changing in  life. I was bit lazy in taking out time to write for the blog. But I have one event to share with you that I'm sure you'll love to know about. It's 2 months late but better late than never, huh?

I held an Indian cooking workshop  for some foreigners on 2nd October 2012.  When I was approached for this opportunity, I was initially nervous. I  worried about being formal to them,  creating the right formal environment in the classroom (which I am not really used to  with my regular class). All my students become part of  my friend circle  and I'm not very  formal with them. Now don’t think that I am taking you all for granted!

I was quite  happy and confident about the menu I had planned  as all the recipes were
tested and tried, and  big hits in my usual classes. 
When the day arrived, hubby dear was very helpful as usual, trying to calm me down by telling me  to just go ahead like I regularly do; that I'm  good and not to  treat my new students any differently  from my regulars. He did advice me to talk slowly and so on. To a large extent, he managed to calm me down.

Finally, the session started and  my experience turned out to be totally different from what I was expecting. All the students were very casual. They were very keen to talk about and explore  the various flavors of Indian spices and cooking.  Some of them were so curious about the spices that they tasted all the raw masalas including chilli powder and kasuri methi!

When I started frying pakoras they couldn't resist themselves.  None of them had the patience to wait for plates and spoons and the dip to get started. What a relief! I was back on track at what I do best. I explained the intricacies and  nuances of Indian cooking. I felt like I was addressing children since I had to to get into the minute details of our traditional foods and taste. 

When the aroma of the Hyderabadi Dum Biryani began escaping from the pot, you should have seen the reaction of the group. They  were drooling and oohing in anticipation.
At that moment, I knew that my goal as a teacher was achieved.
The day turned out to be one of the most remarkable days of my life. 
Here are a few glimpses of the workshop for you to browse.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Microwave Cooking Workshop at Tupperware India ,Bilekahalli,Bangalore

Hi Everyone,
I know many of you must be wondering why no classes last weekend? It was because; I was invited by Tupperware Bangalore for demonstration of microwave cooking using Tupperware microwave range on Saturday 21st July 2012 at Bannergutta.
 It was amazing experience. Almost 40-45 ladies have attended this session. I was thrilled to do this workshop with such big crowd. Thanks to Asha Shekhar,  Executive Manager Tupperware for inviting me for this workshop.

 We did chocolate sponge cake in 10 mins, veg pulao 15 mins, Bhindi masala 5 mins..  Ok!! Ok!! don't worry I am posting some of the recipes at the end of this post for you all to try. For more about microwave cooking I will update you all soon.

Maida/ Plain Flour
1 Tropical twins
Baking powder
1 tsp.
3/4th Tropical twins
½ tsp.
½  Tropical twins
Coco powder
4 tbsp.
½ Tropical twins
6 tbsp.

       1.       Grease Multicooj with butter and dust it with Maida.  Keep aside.
2.       Sieve Maida, coco powder, soda-bi-carb and baking powder in a bowl and keep aside.
3.       In another bowl beat butter and sugar till light and fluffy. Add curd and mix with light hand to avoid curdling.
4.       Fold the Maida mixture with sugar butter mixture. Add milk and check the consistency of the batter. Batter should be flowing from high like a ribbon. Adjust the consistency by adding more milk.
5.       Pour the cake batter in greased Iso- duo container.
6.       Microwave on medium/60 % powder for 7-8 mins.
7.       Let it stand for 5 mins in the container and invert it on wire rack.

Dry mango powder/amchur powder
½ tsp.
Dry coconut powder
3 tbsp.
1-2 tbsp.
Coriander powder
2 tsp.
Fennel Seed powder
1 tsp.
Cumin powder
1 tsp.
To taste

1.       Wash and wipe dry okra/ Bhindi and keep aside.
2.       Make masala using Dry coconut powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, dry mango powder, curd, fennel seed powder and salt.
3.       Give horizontal slit to each okra/Bhindi and stuff above masala inside the bhindi.
4.       Grease rock and serve with oil. Arrange stuffed okra/ bhindi. Sprinkle some oil.
5.       Microwave on high powder/100% powder for 3-4 mins.
6.       Cover and rest it for 2 mins. Serve hot.

** All the recipes are tested in LG microwave. If using other microwave please follow your cookig manual for power settings.

Thanks you. Keep Cooking and Baking with Deepali

Bye for now..
Deepali Sawant

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Can't wait to share about Advance cake decoration class

What a relief. I was planning for this class from so long.  With the help of expert baker this class was arranged specially for my friends cum students. I am very happy though very tired. It was a long day.  Yesterday I was not able to sleep because of pressure of the class, nervousness was all over me and today not able to sleep because I can’t wait till tomorrow to write and share about the class on the blog.
 I think the photos of the class itself will tell you how much I have and hope my students would have enjoyed. It is all about creativity and not to forget efforts you put to create such a beautiful art in baking.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Advance Cake Decoration Class

Dear All,
Most awaiting Advance cake decoration class is scheduled on 5th Feb Sunday from 10:30 AM to 4 PM.
This class is designed specially for my students who have done the Cream icing and pastry class and wants to explore more into decoration. The sponge making, cake layering and icing is not included in the class to save time and cover more of the cake decoration varieties. Those who have not done the basic can still attend the class and learn basic in Cream icing and pastry class later. I am still thinking of having one cream icing and pastry class on Saturday. If anyone is interested please let me know by friday 3rd Feb.

Following are details of  Advance cake decoration.

1. Molded cake decoration- Car shape cake
2. Barbie cake
3. Cartoon character cake
4. Different types of nozzles designs including roses, basket weaves, petal flowers, different shell design   and many more
5. Comb designs
6. Feather designs on muffins
7. Gum paste making
8. Gum paste carnation flower, daisy flowers, rose, leaf, animal character etc.
9. Cupcake decoration
All the material is provided in the class. Everyone will get a chance to practice the designs in the class.
Fees: INR 2000
**** Prior confirm registration is must for this class by call or sms to 9986038070

Friday, 27 January 2012

Why I am so fond of Thai food and lemon grass specially

Hi everyone,
I am back after a small break. Can't stop blaming cold wave in Bangalore as last two weeks kids and mom were down with  viral and some or the other infection. Many of you know how much I love lemongrass. So here it is, some talk about lemongrass and Thai cuisine which I just can’t resist to write.
Lemongrass- I remember in my childhood in rainy seasons or in winters my mom used to make lemongrass tea (Marathi-Gavti Chaha). Lemon grass was there in my childhood but I never knew it is lemongrass and it is also wildly used in any other cuisine apart from GAVTI Chaha (lemongrass tea).

Most of my students also have fallen in love with GAVTI Chaha (Lemongrass Tea) which I always prepare in the class. I remember people saying that they are ready to drop down in the class just to have that tea. Any way you all are welcome at my sweet home to have this tea which I myself am so fond off.
Lemon grass does have lots of health benefits which I have come across after Google searching.
Lemongrass has been recommended for stomachaches, diarrhea, gas, bowel spasms, vomiting, fever, the flu, and headaches and other types of pain. The herb (or its essential oil) may be applied externally to help treat acne, athlete’s foot, lower back pain, sciatica, sprains, tendinitis, neuralgia, and rheumatism.  Check this link for more details about lemongrass-http://deancoleman.wordpress.com/2007/08/21/lemongrass-uses-and-benefits/

Thai Cuisine- I remember the first time I tasted Thai food was Thai red curry prepared by my best friend Parchi and I loved it so much. I never knew it was so simple to make and delicious. From that day whenever any friends or relatives visited our house I have prepared Thai curry and steamed rice for them to taste. Thai food is not as popular among us as Chinese or now Italian. People say they needs to develop the taste for Thai food. But after studying about Thai food in depth it is similar to costal food like stews, Gaon xacuti curry commonly made in India which uses fresh coconut a lot.

Lemongrass is lavishly used in Thai Currys, noodles and soups. That’s one reason I adore Thai food. I can’t stop my hands to add one extra bunch of lemongrass leaves in my Thai recipes. Once my hubby did notify that my love for lemongrass is overflowing in the recipe and I have reduced it to make it more balanced.  

Galangal (Thai ginger) which is milder or sweet version of ginger can be substituted by normal ginger. It is usually used to flavor Thai soups and is one of the key Thai herbs and spices used for all Thai curry pastes. Galangal has many medicinal properties similar to ginger. It stimulates digestion and also helps to settle stomach upsets and ease nausea. 

Thai basil is not same as Italian basil. It has sweet fennel like taste. It has antioxidant, antiviral, and antimicrobial properties.


Kafir lime -It is one of the key Thai herbs and spices for curry dishes. Kaffir lime is abundant with fragrant sents. The leaves contain calcium, beta-carotene, and vitamins A, B2 and C.


There are many other dry Asian herbs also used in Thai like cinnamon, nutmeg, star aniseed, fennel, and bay leaf. Herbs and Spices are an essential part of Thai cooking. Used in combination, they help achieve a balance of the four essential Thai tastes: salty, sour, spicy, and sweet.

It is very easy to cook, healthy, less oily and less time consuming. Don't forget to explore Thai food. Give it a chance. I am very much confident that you are going to love it.

So keep cooking and baking for love of our family!!!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Kids Workshop at Cook and Bake with Deepali

Wish you all very happy New Year. With lots of happy memories from last year decided to start this year with lots of new things.

Last week of December was amazing with the kid’s workshop. I have always under estimated the kid’s ability while planning classes for them. I thought for 5 years old kid making chocolate will be difficult task but little Samhita (5 years old) has astonished me. Whenever I was explaining anything her answers were “I know how to do it, I want to do it, I can do it, now my turn”. She and others were not ready to miss any chance to explore this workshop. Kids were so enthusiastic and always one step ahead of me. I had a great time with these kids in Christmas vacation.

 Thank you Samhita,Tusti, Aniket, Dev, Suhani, Yash  and Tusti’s friend for joining in  and making this workshop so enjoyable. Thanks to their parents for giving me an opportunity to work with them. I hope they all have enjoyed it. I am looking forward to organized more workshops in next vacation.