Monday, 19 December 2011

Another Celebration time. December Month always keeps me busy...

I think I am getting addicted to this blogging thing .It is something like writing a diary. Usually diaries are not to be shared in public, then what is this? God knows. Anyway for me it is something very interesting and exciting. Almost every day I keep thinking of writing something.  May be another hidden hobby I have never looked into.

Tomorrow is our 10th anniversary. I am very much excited.  I know you all must be expecting another experiment in the kitchen and some new cakes pictures. But tomorrow my kitchen is closed for whole day. We are planning to take kids for pony riding and later plan hubby dear has still not announced.  There is a horse riding school in Bangalore called embassy horse riding. I myself have never been there. I will share the experience later.

Life is not always the way you expect it has to be. So many things like tragedies, happy movements, excitements, struggles pass by and you keep going. But there are also things which never changes. It is love for your Husband, your kid and your mother. I think I am sounding bit emotional here, but this is what I have realised over the years. Over the period of time we take each other for granted. Our love will be so blind that we just start imaging things the way we want it . All the lovely memories of time spend and enjoyed together will be lost and taken over by other responsibilities. ( I know all of you have gone through it, kids and family responsibilities) You may not even realise what you are missing.

Ok enough of emotion; I know hubby dear is going to be the first person to say kya paka rahi hai!!
I have decided this year on our anniversary and now on, I am going to revised all the happy, precious memories we have shared together and will never allow it to vanish and take over by other responsibility and work.

I will upload the photos of embassy horse riding school soon.

 Ooh!!! I forgot to publish this blog earlier. I thought I have published it.

We all have enjoyed our outing at embassy riding school Bangalore. We hired a pony for Sanya Shriya. Sanya's pony name was Muffin and Shriya's pony name was Napoleon. Shriya was struggling to remember her pony name. Kids were riding on their pony for almost an hour. Both were very happy to ride on real horse than the one in oasis mall PlayStation.
Good option for Bangalore people to make kids aware about horse riding and to develop interest in them.  It was so fascinating and we both were just adoring the pictures of kids with riding pants, paddock boots, half chaps, riding gloves and a well-fitting helmet.

Let’s hope Shriya Sanya also shows any interest in horse riding. It was lovely day break and I was happy that Prasad has suggested this place for anniversary celebration. It was perfect.

Bye for now..

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  1. Wow 10 years....I still remember all the fun I had with Kishore and Shreepad at your wedding and also after that...Well we watched a movie at Sterling...:)

    Congratulations.....You guys seemed to enjoy a lot....Loved the girls on pony...:)

    On a side note you can answer to the people you comment that way there is a link that gets establish with you and your readers...
    Keep writing its good...Good for our own sake...I do that too but I do in marathi...:)


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